Care at Villa Del Sole

At Villa Del Sole, our team are qualified to carry out all levels of care; from supported independent living, to complex nursing care and palliation. We also have the highest standards of practice in the care of individuals with additional cognitive health needs.

Residential Aged Care

Our residents enjoy living in our modern 52 bed facility accommodating all levels of care.

Villa Del Sole’s approach to aged care is driven by the priority to know each of our residents and their unique needs, working with each person to create meaning and connection in ways that work for them. This also means taking the time to establish the level of care that each resident requires and tailoring a careful plan to meet these requirements.

We believe that enhancing experiences and accommodating the independence of our guests is key to their emotional and physical well-being. Our staff pursue this by providing opportunities for shared and cherished moments through the simple acts of good food, good company, laughter and daily activities.

In our nursing, Villa Del Sole staff are constantly striving to improve practices to provide the best support and care, in line with health industry guidelines and our mission statement. The health, happiness and comfort of our residents is our first and foremost priority and is reflected in the processes and systems we have in place at every level.

We pride ourselves on always providing exemplary care. With our smaller capacity, we are able to dedicate more time to focus on each individual so that they always receive the support that they need.

Palliative Care

Villa Del Sole is extremely well-practiced in providing a sensitive and cultural approach to palliative care.

Our staff recognise that for loved ones, this is an incredibly difficult time. We are dedicated to being there every step of the way with kindness and understanding. Throughout the palliative care process, the wishes of both the resident and their loved ones are respected, with the aim to alleviate suffering and foster life-long memories for families.

Our methods encourage residents to make choices to improve their quality of life and happiness. These requests include music, aromatherapy, religious ceremonies and visits from the priest, ensuring that each individual is provided with the upmost comfort.

We also ensure that contact is maintained with families throughout and every moment treasured, to ease the residents and their loved ones through this challenging journey.


Dementia Care

Dementia care at Villa Del Sole is centred around memory support, where residents are encouraged to engage with their present reality through a focus on familiar fond memories, people and experiences.

Our program acknowledges the importance of getting to know each individual resident and their stories, in order to draw out their memories and past routines to create tangible meaning in their day-to-day life.

We also recognise the need to provide ongoing engagement and connection with other residents, staff and loved ones to maintain cognitive function and create a safe environment with positive experiences. Beyond their shared Italian heritage, we understand that each resident also has a culture unique to their families and personal history, which we endeavor  to understand in order to bring these elements to life at Villa Del Sole.

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